South Yorkshire U14 T4 Tournament
Competition Details:
Start Time/Date: 14:00 Tue 27 Sep 2022
Finish Time/Date: 16:00 Tue 27 Sep 2022
Description: Teams involved;<br/>1. Hill House School 2. Sheffield Girls High School 3. Westbourne School<br/><br/>First placed team are South Yorkshire County Champions. Top 2 placed teams go through to the Yorkshire Semi Finals on October 13th 2022 at Weetwood, Uni of Leeds.<br/>Pitch available for warm up from 1.30pm. 2pm start of first game. Planned duration; 2 hours.<br/>11 a side matches, Umpires to be provided by the teams playing their matches. All games centrally timed. Match ball provided by Hill House School. Some refreshments will be provided for players and spectators.<br/>Timings are strictly to be kept to the following; two halves of 15 minutes, 5 minutes half time, 5 minutes change over between games.<br/><br/>Scoring system; <br/>Win 3 points<br/>Score draw 2 points<br/>No Score draw 1 point<br/>Loss 0 points<br/>Any teams tied on points at the end of competition will be given preference to the following order; <br/>• Goal difference, goals scored, winner between the two teams, barrage of 3 penalty shuffles.<br/><br/>Order of Play;<br/>Push Back time “Home” Team to push back <br/>(& change strip) “Away” Team to select end<br/><br/>2pm Hill House Sheffield Girls High<br/>2.40pm Sheffield Girls High Westbourne<br/>3.20pm Westbourne Hill House<br/>4pm Final Presentation to announce the two qualifiers (all to attend). <br/>All to depart.<br/><br/>
Venue: Hill House School
Sport: Hockey
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Competition Organiser:
Name: James Ross
Telephone: 01302776300
Competition Status:
This competition is: On